PU (Poly-Urethane) Vinyl Transfer films are for CAD-Cutting. It is widely used for sports wears, outdoor wears and high quality garments due to PU’s soft and elastic texture as well as eco-friendly characteristics. Mineo’s PU Vinyl Transfer is thin, soft and extremely easy to weed.


Table for All Colors and Sizes

ColorUOMPriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
Royal Blue1 Page( 12" X 19.5")RM10.00Out of stock
White1 Page( 12" X 19.5")RM10.00Out of stock
Black1 Page( 12" X 19.5")RM10.002 in stock
Silver1 Page( 12" X 19.5")RM10.00Out of stock
Lemon Yellow1 Page( 12" X 19.5")RM10.00Out of stock
Yellow1 Page( 12" X 19.5")RM10.001 in stock
Gold Glitter1MeterRM42.00Out of stock
Light Multi Glitter1MeterRM42.009 in stock
Royal Blue1MeterRM28.0013 in stock
Silver1MeterRM28.00Out of stock
White1MeterRM28.0046 in stock
Yellow1MeterRM28.0025 in stock
Silver Glitter1MeterRM42.004 in stock
Gold1MeterRM28.0023 in stock
Lemon Yellow1MeterRM28.0034 in stock
Maroon1MeterRM28.007 in stock
Neon Orange1MeterRM28.0023 in stock
Red1MeterRM28.0021 in stock
Black1MeterRM28.0017 in stock

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