• Round neck short sleeve
  • 160 gsm
  • Reactive dying process (all colours including black)
  • 100% pre-shrunk cotton (compacted fabric with no shrinking after wash)
  • Lycra collar rib
  • Shoulder to shoulder top stitch
  • Tubular construction
  • Available Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL

Table for All Colors and Sizes

SizeColorPriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
4XLBlackRM18.0010 in stock
5XLBlackRM18.009 in stock
XSMaroonRM16.00Out of stock
SMaroonRM16.00Out of stock
MMaroonRM16.00Out of stock
LMaroonRM16.00In Stock
XLMaroonRM16.00In Stock
2XLMaroonRM16.00In Stock
3XLMaroonRM16.00Out of stock
XSBlackRM16.0030 in stock
XSKelly GreenRM16.0010 in stock
XSNavy BlueRM16.00Out of stock
XSRedRM16.0010 in stock
XSRoyal BlueRM16.0010 in stock
XSWhiteRM16.0010 in stock
SBlackRM16.00699 in stock
SKelly GreenRM16.0020 in stock
SNavy BlueRM16.0020 in stock
SRedRM16.0050 in stock
SRoyal BlueRM16.0020 in stock
SWhiteRM16.0028 in stock
MBlackRM16.00298 in stock
MKelly GreenRM16.0029 in stock
MNavy BlueRM16.0030 in stock
MRedRM16.0048 in stock
MRoyal BlueRM16.0020 in stock
MWhiteRM16.0040 in stock
LBlackRM16.00245 in stock
LKelly GreenRM16.0029 in stock
LNavy BlueRM16.0030 in stock
LRedRM16.0050 in stock
LRoyal BlueRM16.0020 in stock
LWhiteRM16.0040 in stock
XLBlackRM16.00150 in stock
XLKelly GreenRM16.0020 in stock
XLNavy BlueRM16.0020 in stock
XLRedRM16.0038 in stock
XLRoyal BlueRM16.0020 in stock
XLWhiteRM16.0030 in stock
2XLBlackRM16.0025 in stock
2XLKelly GreenRM16.0010 in stock
2XLNavy BlueRM16.0010 in stock
2XLRedRM16.0019 in stock
2XLRoyal BlueRM16.0010 in stock
2XLWhiteRM16.0010 in stock
3XLBlackRM16.0010 in stock
3XLKelly GreenRM16.0010 in stock
3XLNavy BlueRM16.0010 in stock
3XLRedRM16.0010 in stock
3XLRoyal BlueRM16.0010 in stock
3XLWhiteRM16.0010 in stock
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