• Silkscreen
  • Embroidery
  • ┬áRound neck short sleeve
  • 160 gsm
  • Reactive dying process (all colours including black)
  • 100% pre-shrunk cotton (compacted fabric with no shrinking after wash)
  • Lycra collar rib
  • Shoulder to shoulder top stitch
  • Tubular construction
  • Available Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL
  • Colour:
    Apple Green, Black, Dark Melange, Forest Green, Fuchsia/Magenta, Grey Melange, Kelly Green, Sky Blue, Light Grey Melange, Maroon, Navy Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Turquoise, White, Yellow

Table for All Colors and Sizes

ColorSizePriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
BlackXSRM12.00238 in stock
BlackSRM12.00366 in stock
BlackMRM12.00475 in stock
BlackLRM12.00494 in stock
BlackXLRM12.00544 in stock
Dark Grey Melange3XLRM12.00Out of stock
Black2XLRM12.00Out of stock
Dark Grey Melange4XLRM15.00Out of stock
Black3XLRM12.006 in stock
Dark Grey Melange5XLRM15.00Out of stock
Black4XLRM15.001 in stock
MagentaXSRM12.00Out of stock
Black5XLRM15.002 in stock
Dark Grey MelangeXSRM12.009 in stock
Dark Grey MelangeSRM12.0057 in stock
MagentaSRM12.0038 in stock
Dark Grey MelangeLRM12.0030 in stock
MagentaMRM12.00Out of stock
Dark Grey MelangeMRM12.00Out of stock
MagentaLRM12.00Out of stock
Dark Grey MelangeXLRM12.0040 in stock
MagentaXLRM12.0037 in stock
Magenta2XLRM12.0015 in stock
Dark Grey Melange2XLRM12.00Out of stock
Magenta3XLRM12.0018 in stock
Magenta4XLRM15.00Out of stock
Magenta5XLRM15.00Out of stock
PurpleXSRM12.0021 in stock
PurpleSRM12.0032 in stock
PurpleMRM12.0019 in stock
PurpleLRM12.0062 in stock
PurpleXLRM12.0043 in stock
Purple2XLRM12.0024 in stock
Purple3XLRM12.0024 in stock
Purple4XLRM15.00Out of stock
Purple5XLRM15.00Out of stock
Navy BlueXSRM12.0011 in stock
Navy BlueSRM12.00Out of stock
Navy BlueMRM12.0077 in stock
Navy BlueLRM12.0092 in stock
Navy BlueXLRM12.0084 in stock
Navy Blue2XLRM12.0013 in stock
Navy Blue3XLRM12.0017 in stock
Navy Blue4XLRM15.00Out of stock
Navy Blue5XLRM15.00Out of stock
Royal BlueXSRM12.00Out of stock
Royal BlueSRM12.00Out of stock
Royal BlueMRM12.003 in stock
Royal BlueLRM12.00Out of stock
Royal BlueXLRM12.0032 in stock
Royal Blue2XLRM12.00Out of stock
Royal Blue3XLRM12.00287 in stock
Royal Blue4XLRM12.0022 in stock
Royal Blue5XLRM12.00Out of stock
TurquoiseXSRM12.008 in stock
TurquoiseSRM12.007 in stock
TurquoiseMRM12.00Out of stock
TurquoiseLRM12.00Out of stock
TurquoiseXLRM12.0017 in stock
Turquoise2XLRM12.0010 in stock
Turquoise3XLRM12.005 in stock
Turquoise4XLRM15.00Out of stock
Turquoise5XLRM15.00Out of stock
Sky BlueXSRM12.00Out of stock
Sky BlueSRM12.0042 in stock
Sky BlueMRM12.0020 in stock
Sky BlueLRM12.003 in stock
Sky BlueXLRM12.0026 in stock
Sky Blue2XLRM12.009 in stock
Sky Blue3XLRM12.0048 in stock
Sky Blue4XLRM15.00Out of stock
Sky Blue5XLRM12.00Out of stock
WhiteXSRM12.00Out of stock
WhiteSRM12.00Out of stock
WhiteMRM12.00Out of stock
WhiteLRM12.0025 in stock
WhiteXLRM12.003 in stock
White2XLRM12.00Out of stock
White3XLRM12.00Out of stock
White4XLRM12.00Out of stock
White5XLRM12.00Out of stock
Forest GreenXSRM12.0035 in stock
Forest GreenSRM12.00Out of stock
Forest GreenMRM12.00Out of stock
Forest GreenLRM12.00Out of stock
Forest GreenXLRM12.0031 in stock
Forest Green2XLRM12.002 in stock
Forest Green3XLRM12.009 in stock
Forest Green4XLRM12.00Out of stock
Forest Green5XLRM12.00Out of stock
Kelly Green5XLRM12.00Out of stock
Kelly GreenXSRM12.00Out of stock
Kelly GreenSRM12.00Out of stock
Kelly GreenMRM12.00Out of stock
Kelly GreenLRM12.00Out of stock
Kelly GreenXLRM12.0039 in stock
Kelly Green2XLRM12.001 in stock
Kelly Green3XLRM12.0012 in stock
Kelly Green4XLRM15.00Out of stock
Apple GreenXSRM12.0012 in stock
Apple GreenSRM12.0032 in stock
Apple GreenMRM12.00Out of stock
Apple GreenLRM12.00Out of stock
Apple GreenXLRM12.0014 in stock
Apple Green2XLRM12.0019 in stock
Apple Green3XLRM12.0072 in stock
Apple Green4XLRM12.0035 in stock
Apple Green5XLRM12.00Out of stock
YellowXSRM12.0038 in stock
YellowSRM12.0072 in stock
YellowMRM12.0041 in stock
YellowLRM12.006 in stock
YellowXLRM12.0069 in stock
Yellow2XLRM12.0021 in stock
Yellow3XLRM12.0013 in stock
Yellow4XLRM12.00Out of stock
Yellow5XLRM12.00Out of stock
OrangeSRM12.009 in stock
Red3XLRM12.00Out of stock
Red4XLRM12.00Out of stock
Red5XLRM12.00Out of stock
OrangeXSRM12.005 in stock
OrangeMRM12.00Out of stock
OrangeLRM12.00Out of stock
OrangeXLRM12.0015 in stock
Orange2XLRM12.0017 in stock
Orange3XLRM12.0010 in stock
Orange4XLRM12.00Out of stock
RedXSRM12.009 in stock
RedSRM12.00Out of stock
RedMRM12.00Out of stock
RedLRM12.00Out of stock
RedXLRM12.00Out of stock
Red2XLRM12.0010 in stock
Light Grey Melange2XLRM12.0026 in stock
MaroonXSRM12.0024 in stock
MaroonSRM12.0029 in stock
MaroonMRM12.00Out of stock
MaroonLRM12.0039 in stock
MaroonXLRM12.0056 in stock
Maroon2XLRM12.0013 in stock
Maroon3XLRM12.0017 in stock
Maroon4XLRM12.00Out of stock
Light Grey Melange3XLRM12.0025 in stock
Light Grey Melange4XLRM12.00Out of stock
Light Grey Melange5XLRM12.00Out of stock
Light Grey MelangeXSRM12.0020 in stock
Light Grey MelangeSRM12.00Out of stock
Light Grey MelangeMRM12.0050 in stock
Light Grey MelangeLRM12.00100 in stock
Light Grey MelangeXLRM12.0090 in stock

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