• Round neck short sleeve
  • 170 gsm
  • Reactive dying process (all colours including black)
  • 100% pre-shrunk cotton (compacted fabric with no shrinking after wash)
  • Lycra collar rib
  • Shoulder to shoulder top stitch
  • Available Sizes: 1/2 years, 3/4 years, 5/6 years, 7/8 years, 9/11 years, and 12/14 years
  • Colour: Apple Green, Black, Dark Grey Melange, Dark Purple, Forest Green, Fuchsia/Magenta, Kelly Green, Light Grey Melange, Maroon, Navy Blue, Orange, Red, Royal Blue, Turquoise, White, Yellow
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Table for All Colors and Sizes

ColorSizePriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
Black3/4RM10.0024 in stock
Orange12/14RM10.0020 in stock
Orange9/11RM10.0015 in stock
Orange7/8RM10.0025 in stock
Orange5/6RM10.0018 in stock
Orange3/4RM10.0028 in stock
Orange1/2RM10.0022 in stock
Yellow12/14RM10.0025 in stock
Yellow9/11RM10.0011 in stock
Yellow7/8RM10.00Out of stock
Yellow5/6RM10.00Out of stock
Yellow3/4RM10.0022 in stock
Yellow1/2RM10.0016 in stock
Apple Green12/14RM10.008 in stock
Apple Green9/11RM10.0015 in stock
Apple Green7/8RM10.0012 in stock
Apple Green5/6RM10.00Out of stock
Apple Green3/4RM10.0015 in stock
Apple Green1/2RM10.0017 in stock
Kelly Green12/14RM10.008 in stock
Kelly Green9/11RM10.0024 in stock
Kelly Green7/8RM10.004 in stock
Kelly Green5/6RM10.00Out of stock
Kelly Green3/4RM10.008 in stock
Kelly Green1/2RM10.0018 in stock
Magenta12/14RM10.0017 in stock
Magenta9/11RM10.004 in stock
Magenta7/8RM10.0010 in stock
Magenta5/6RM10.001 in stock
Magenta3/4RM10.0025 in stock
Magenta1/2RM10.007 in stock
Purple12/14RM10.0010 in stock
Purple9/11RM10.0017 in stock
Purple7/8RM10.0026 in stock
Purple5/6RM10.0012 in stock
Purple3/4RM10.0015 in stock
Purple1/2RM10.0020 in stock
Navy Blue12/14RM10.0024 in stock
Navy Blue9/11RM10.0027 in stock
Navy Blue7/8RM10.0018 in stock
Navy Blue5/6RM10.0028 in stock
Navy Blue3/4RM10.0035 in stock
Navy Blue1/2RM10.0028 in stock
Royal Blue12/14RM10.00Out of stock
Royal Blue9/11RM10.0017 in stock
Royal Blue7/8RM10.007 in stock
Royal Blue5/6RM10.0010 in stock
Royal Blue3/4RM10.0012 in stock
Royal Blue1/2RM10.0018 in stock
Turquoise12/14RM10.0036 in stock
Turquoise9/11RM10.0045 in stock
Turquoise7/8RM10.0016 in stock
Turquoise5/6RM10.00Out of stock
Turquoise3/4RM10.00Out of stock
Turquoise1/2RM10.0020 in stock
Forest Green12/14RM10.0044 in stock
Forest Green9/11RM10.006 in stock
Forest Green7/8RM10.00Out of stock
Forest Green5/6RM10.00Out of stock
Forest Green3/4RM10.00Out of stock
Forest Green1/2RM10.001 in stock
White12/14RM10.0038 in stock
White9/11RM10.0020 in stock
White7/8RM10.0012 in stock
White5/6RM10.00Out of stock
White3/4RM10.0035 in stock
White1/2RM10.00Out of stock
Light Grey Melange12/14RM10.0019 in stock
Light Grey Melange9/11RM10.007 in stock
Light Grey Melange7/8RM10.0012 in stock
Light Grey Melange5/6RM10.008 in stock
Light Grey Melange3/4RM10.007 in stock
Light Grey Melange1/2RM10.003 in stock
Dark Grey Melange12/14RM10.0021 in stock
Dark Grey Melange9/11RM10.0014 in stock
Dark Grey Melange7/8RM10.0027 in stock
Dark Grey Melange5/6RM10.0016 in stock
Dark Grey Melange3/4RM10.0014 in stock
Dark Grey Melange1/2RM10.003 in stock
Black12/14RM10.0038 in stock
Black9/11RM10.0022 in stock
Black7/8RM10.0032 in stock
Black5/6RM10.004 in stock
Black1/2RM10.008 in stock
Red12/14RM10.0030 in stock
Red9/11RM10.0015 in stock
Red7/8RM10.0035 in stock
Red5/6RM10.0035 in stock
Red3/4RM10.0025 in stock
Red1/2RM10.0018 in stock
Maroon12/14RM10.0025 in stock
Maroon9/11RM10.00Out of stock
Maroon7/8RM10.0025 in stock
Maroon5/6RM10.0020 in stock
Maroon3/4RM10.00Out of stock
Maroon1/2RM10.0015 in stock

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