• Collar neck short sleeve

  • 220 gsm
  • Reactive dying process (all colours including black)
  • 100% pre-shrunk cotton (compacted fabric with no shrinking after wash)
  • Available Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL & 5XL
  • Colour: Apple Green, Black, Dark Purple, Forest Green, Grey Melange, Maroon, Navy Blue, Orange, Red, Royal Blue, Turquoise, White, Yellow
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Table for All Colors and Sizes

ColorSizePriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
Navy Blue5XLRM22.00Out of stock
Orange4XLRM22.008 in stock
Orange3XLRM20.003 in stock
Orange2XLRM20.005 in stock
OrangeXLRM20.004 in stock
OrangeLRM20.0015 in stock
OrangeMRM20.0015 in stock
OrangeSRM20.0011 in stock
OrangeXSRM20.0020 in stock
Yellow4XLRM22.00Out of stock
Yellow3XLRM20.001 in stock
Yellow2XLRM20.0023 in stock
YellowXLRM20.002 in stock
YellowLRM20.0011 in stock
YellowMRM20.0010 in stock
YellowSRM20.0010 in stock
YellowXSRM20.009 in stock
Apple Green4XLRM22.00Out of stock
Apple Green3XLRM20.0021 in stock
Apple Green2XLRM20.0031 in stock
Apple GreenXLRM20.00Out of stock
Apple GreenLRM20.00Out of stock
Apple GreenMRM20.00Out of stock
Apple GreenSRM20.0010 in stock
Apple GreenXSRM20.0029 in stock
Forest Green4XLRM22.00Out of stock
Forest Green3XLRM20.00Out of stock
Forest Green2XLRM20.003 in stock
Forest GreenXLRM20.00Out of stock
Forest GreenLRM20.004 in stock
Forest GreenMRM20.00Out of stock
Forest GreenSRM20.0021 in stock
Forest GreenXSRM20.0018 in stock
Turquoise4XLRM22.00Out of stock
Turquoise3XLRM20.005 in stock
Turquoise2XLRM20.001 in stock
TurquoiseXLRM20.002 in stock
TurquoiseLRM20.004 in stock
TurquoiseMRM20.001 in stock
TurquoiseSRM20.003 in stock
TurquoiseXSRM20.0020 in stock
Purple4XLRM22.005 in stock
Purple3XLRM20.0034 in stock
Purple2XLRM20.0010 in stock
PurpleXLRM20.008 in stock
PurpleLRM20.007 in stock
PurpleMRM20.006 in stock
PurpleSRM20.003 in stock
PurpleXSRM20.007 in stock
Navy Blue4XLRM22.00Out of stock
Navy Blue3XLRM20.00Out of stock
Navy Blue2XLRM20.00Out of stock
Navy BlueXLRM20.00Out of stock
Navy BlueLRM20.00Out of stock
Navy BlueMRM20.00Out of stock
Navy BlueSRM20.00Out of stock
Navy BlueXSRM20.0022 in stock
Royal Blue4XLRM22.00Out of stock
Royal Blue3XLRM20.0015 in stock
Royal Blue2XLRM20.00Out of stock
Royal BlueXLRM20.00Out of stock
Royal BlueLRM20.00Out of stock
Royal BlueMRM20.00Out of stock
Royal BlueSRM20.0046 in stock
Royal BlueXSRM20.0032 in stock
White4XLRM22.00Out of stock
White3XLRM20.007 in stock
White2XLRM20.00Out of stock
WhiteXLRM20.00Out of stock
WhiteLRM20.00Out of stock
WhiteMRM20.00Out of stock
WhiteSRM20.0010 in stock
WhiteXSRM20.002 in stock
Light Grey Melange4XLRM22.00Out of stock
Light Grey Melange3XLRM20.0012 in stock
Light Grey Melange2XLRM20.0014 in stock
Light Grey MelangeXLRM20.00Out of stock
Light Grey MelangeLRM20.00Out of stock
Light Grey MelangeMRM20.00Out of stock
Light Grey MelangeSRM20.0014 in stock
Light Grey MelangeXSRM20.0011 in stock
Black4XLRM22.00Out of stock
Black3XLRM20.00Out of stock
Maroon2XLRM20.00Out of stock
Black2XLRM20.00Out of stock
MaroonXLRM20.00Out of stock
BlackXLRM20.00Out of stock
MaroonLRM20.00Out of stock
BlackLRM20.00Out of stock
MaroonMRM20.00Out of stock
BlackMRM20.00Out of stock
MaroonSRM20.00Out of stock
BlackSRM20.00Out of stock
MaroonXSRM20.0026 in stock
BlackXSRM20.00Out of stock
Maroon4XLRM22.00Out of stock
Maroon3XLRM20.00Out of stock
Red4XLRM22.00Out of stock
Red3XLRM20.001 in stock
Red2XLRM20.005 in stock
RedXLRM20.005 in stock
RedLRM20.004 in stock
RedMRM20.001 in stock
RedSRM20.001 in stock
RedXSRM20.0012 in stock

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